Springing Forward: Cleaning House, Evaluating Progress, & Planting Seeds of Growth

by Cynthia Crandall, CAIA, VP, Senior Investment Analyst, Envestnet PMC on
Happy Spring Equinox. Spring is in many ways a rebirth of the year. It is a natural time for us to pause, reflect, clean house, evaluate progress, and plant seeds for the best path going forward. For many, the changing of seasons marks an opportunity to reprioritize objectives and bring goals back into alignment. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) did...

Are You Ready to Purchase Investment Property?

by Tom Brown, Partner, Blue Water Capital Management on

If you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio, you may want to consider purchasing investment property. Depending on how hands-on you want to be, you may want to purchase real estate as a short-term investment; fixing up the property and then selling it immediately for profit. For a long...

February Monthly Recap

by David Hawal, CFA, VP, Senior Investment Analyst, Envestnet PMC on
The strong start to 2019 continued for domestic equity markets during February, as progress toward relieving trade hostilities between the US and China and an increasingly dovish Federal Reserve fueled investors’ risk appetite, despite moderating domestic economic data. US equities continued to move...

Has Kraft Heinz's Ketchup Stained Corporate Bonds Red?

by Navaneeth Krishnan, Investment Analyst, Envestnet PMC on
“All Good Things (Come To An End).” This 2006 number by Nelly Furtado (a Canadian-Portuguese singer, in case you need a reminder) seems apt when it comes to corporate bond markets these days. In this context, ‘good things’ alludes to the unconventional, ultraloose monetary policy unleashed by global central banks in the aftermath of the global financial crisis that began in 2008 The total outstanding nonfinancial global corporate debt touched....

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul?

by David Hawal, CFA, VP, Senior Investment Analyst, Envestnet PMC on
Following one of the most difficult Decembers in recent years for equity markets, investors surely are pleased to see 2019 begin with a rally in risk assets. One of the key factors fueling this risk appetite is...

January Monthly Recap

by Tim Murphy, VP, Senior Portfolio Manager, Envestnet PMC on
Domestic equity markets kicked off 2019 with a very strong January, as most stocks posted sizable gains that were in sharp contrast to the deep losses experienced in December. The S&P 500 Index posted its best January return since...

Government Ajar

by Ryan V. Knisely, Investment Analyst, Envestnet PMC on
The partial US government shutdown has ended with a short-term truce reached last Friday, sending roughly 800,000 government employees back to work this week. While certainly not the first shutdown, this was the...

December Monthly Recap

by Nathan Behan, CFA, CAIA on
December closed out a terrible fourth quarter, as concerns over slowing economic growth, rising borrowing costs, global trade tensions, and uncertainty around the change in control of the US House of Representatives all pushed investors to reconsider the risk in their portfolios and forced