March of the Unicorns?

by Suresh Ramasamy, Investment Analyst, Envestnet PMC on
Unicorns are mythical creatures, whose sitings are supposed to be rare, but they are spotted in herds these days, especially their initial public offering (IPO) on Wall Street. If the hype from Wall Street becomes reality, 2019 could be a blockbuster year for the...

Is this the Wrong Summer for a Road Trip?

by Christine Kirk, Investment Analyst, Envestnet PMC on
As the summer months approach, it is time for the usual rise in gas prices. This seasonal trend is normal, as demand for gas increases with the warming weather. In addition, this is when the changeover to the more expensive summer-blend gasoline occurs, and most refineries cut...

March Monthly Recap

by Scott Keller, Portfolio Manager, Envestnet PMC on
Domestic equity markets continued to post positive returns for March, although at reduced rates when compared with performance for January and February. All three months combined to give domestic markets a notable opening quarter for the year. In fact, it was the...

A Summary of 2018 Tax Changes

by Tom Brown, Partner, Blue Water Capital Management on

The Trump administration’s new tax reform bill was signed into law in December of 2017, representing the first major tax change in over 30 years. The changes are significant and are likely to affect nearly everyone in some measure; some positively, while others may find themselves with a higher tax...

Springing Forward: Cleaning House, Evaluating Progress, & Planting Seeds of Growth

by Cynthia Crandall, CAIA, VP, Senior Investment Analyst, Envestnet PMC on
Happy Spring Equinox. Spring is in many ways a rebirth of the year. It is a natural time for us to pause, reflect, clean house, evaluate progress, and plant seeds for the best path going forward. For many, the changing of seasons marks an opportunity to reprioritize objectives and bring goals back into alignment. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) did...

Are You Ready to Purchase Investment Property?

by Tom Brown, Partner, Blue Water Capital Management on

If you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio, you may want to consider purchasing investment property. Depending on how hands-on you want to be, you may want to purchase real estate as a short-term investment; fixing up the property and then selling it immediately for profit. For a long...