Blue Water Capital Management is a fee-only financial planner. We know that not everyone is familiar with terms like this. However, understanding the difference between fee-only and commission-earning financial planners is very important for your financial future. With our fee-only financial planning solutions, you can be confident that your advisor will be acting in your best interest.

What Fee-Only Means

There are two ways that financial advisors can earn money: by charging clients fees and by earning commissions. The former is fairly straightforward; you pay a certain amount of money for financial advice and planning. Fees can be paid on an hourly, flat, or even percentage basis. The important part is that you are the one paying; thus, the advisor is working for you.

Commissions are paid to financial advisors for selling specific products. This can be a problem for you, the client, because the advisor would have an economic incentive separate from helping you achieve your financial goals. Most experts agree that, working as a fiduciary, a fee-only financial planner will have your best interest as a top priority.

Our Fee-Only Financial Planning Services

The Blue Water Capital Management team can help you with a variety of financial needs within our fee-only model. These are our core services for individuals:

  • Investment Management: With this service, we manage an investment portfolio for you. We apply an individual approach tailored to your unique needs, goals, and preferences.
  • Financial Planning: We can help you define and execute a sound financial strategy. This can cover budgeting, taxes, debt management, estate planning, education funding, and more.
  • Retirement Planning: Retirement is one of the most important aspects of planning your financial strategy. We can help you set a path to ensure your desired lifestyle in retirement.
  • Concierge Consulting: These “extra” services are intended to help you navigate your financial life. We want you to be fully informed about what we are doing and what to expect.

We also work with employers and other organizations. These are our main services for employers:

  • Retirement Plan Management: With this service, we manage group retirement plans for employers. This is one of the most important benefits that you can offer your team.
  • Financial Advising: We can provide financial advice to your business to help you ensure its financial well-being. This covers retirement plans, investments, financial strategies, and more.
  • Participant Advising and Education: As part of our retirement planning, we can provide financial services to group participants. We address concerns such as budgeting, retirement readiness, and more. Our goal is to ensure that your team members are well-educated financially.

All these services are provided on a fee-only basis. Thus, you can rest assured that we are wholly focused on you and your financial needs.

Contact Us To Learn More

At Blue Water Capital Management, we provide comprehensive, fee-only financial planning solutions for individuals and employers. If you are interested in taking control of your financial future, we encourage you to reach out for an initial consultation. We will be happy to address your questions, concerns, and expectations. Contact us today to get started.