Retirement Plan Solutions


When you sponsor a retirement plan for your employees, you empower them to prepare for a future of financial wellness. Employees gain a new sense of confidence in their retirement plans and as an employer, you leverage a key workplace benefit to potentially attract and retain high-quality staff, strengthening your organization from the inside out.

Blue Water’s Retirement Plan Services are designed to deliver the highest quality of investment management and educational services to our business clients and their employees. The team at Blue Water that designs retirement plans and researches the investments is also the team that meets one-on-one with your employees. This means you get our best thinking from top to bottom in your organization.

For the past 14 years, Blue Water Capital Management has been a trusted retirement and investment management solutions provider in Syracuse, NY. Our award-winning team is dedicated to serving the long-term needs of your business and employees, facilitating the education and services essential to optimal outcomes. Ultimately, our goal is to support each participant in their financial journey, offering a full range of financial and retirement planning services to provide the best possible value for your organization.

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While the term fiduciary may sound intimidating and formal, it simply means an advisor that is legally obligated to work for your best financial interests. Our fiduciary responsibility is not to profit by furthering our own economic interests but to strictly comply with your needs, wishes, and goals while adhering to your risk tolerances. In fact, legally, your fiduciary financial advisor cannot recommend investments that are inappropriate for you. Unfortunately, all financial advisors are not equal, and some still engage in conflicts of interest.

So how do you choose a trustworthy fiduciary? One way is to make sure that any potential fiduciary financial advisor has the education, experience, and qualifications to design a financial strategy tailored specifically for you. At Blue Water Capital Management, we are an SEC-registered investment advisor. Our fiduciary financial advisors hold designations such as a CFP, CHFC, and CRPS. Not only must they meet the requirements to qualify and to pass rigorous exams, they must also engage in several hours of continuing education programs, on an ongoing basis to maintain their certifications, and to stay current on securities law, ethics standards, and regulations.

Your fiduciary must avoid conflicts of interest, which can happen overtly or inadvertently with commission-based fee structures. Our fee-only pricing structure means our advisors conform to a fair price model that ensures that you only pay for the services you are getting. It also ensures that your fiduciary stays independent, uninfluenced by potential incentives from investments that charge high front or back-end expenses and avoid conflicts of interest.

Finally, if you want to know that your potential fiduciary financial advisor will only choose investments that serve your best interests and not just those that are suitable, ask them. Advisors that work at banks or brokerages that aren't registered investment advisory firms or RIAs may only be held to a suitability standard, meaning their recommendations must only be suitable but not necessarily the best choice for your financial strategy. At Blue Water Capital Management, our role as your financial advisor is, first and foremost, a 100% fiduciary one.


While we always maintain a strict fiduciary role to choose the most appropriate advice for your financial strategy, we also understand the importance of educating our plan participants. We believe that our relationship is only strengthened by giving investors the knowledge to make informed choices. Blue Water's retirement plan consultants strive to be a trusted advisor, partnering with employees to help them reach their goals. 

Our advisors can customize our education services to fit the needs of your group. As a fee-based advisor with fiduciary responsibility, we offer one-on-one or group educational opportunities designed to be consultative in nature. Whether it is to respond to an employee's questions or concerns about their individual goals and potential options or to create a group presentation, we can incorporate the following topics and many more: 

    • Budgeting

    • Retirement readiness

    • Social Security

    • The benefits of contributing to a retirement plan


Retirement plan consulting can cover a wide range of topics. At Blue Water Capital Management, we offer solutions for companies from nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations to corporations and partnerships looking for flexible ERISA-compliant solutions such as defined contribution, defined-benefit plans, and nonqualified executive benefit plans.

Our goal is to overcome the traditional lack of choice and participation that has existed for years with some 401k and 403b plans by supporting plan sponsors. We serve as an educator and advisor and help you interpret the options and regulations around retirement plans so that your employees get a program tailored for them. By leveraging our expertise, you and your plan participants can be assured that we are working for your financial interests.

We are also your advocate as we collaborate on strategies to insulate your plan against operational challenges. Our experience and expertise with fiduciary plan governance, cost controls, plan design, and tax considerations, combined with choosing quality investments, helps to ensure a successful and effective retirement plan for your employees. From the concept through design and implementation, we are here to help you craft the ideal retirement plan for your company. And, when your employees need guidance with their retirement plan choices, we will be there to educate, guide, and advise them.


As a fee-only adviser, Blue Water acts as our client’s trusted investment fiduciary. Our mission is to define what financial success means to our clients and design a plan to get there. 

When you're seeking a retirement advisor and planning service for your organization, transparency and integrity are of the utmost importance. Not only are you entrusting the provider with your business, but also with the financial future of your employees. When you partner with Blue Water Capital Management, you can have the peace of mind that comes from working with an experienced and dedicated team that prioritizes the needs of your business and your staff. 

Your employees can nurture their plans for financial success with regularly-scheduled, one-on-one meetings with a Blue Water retirement advisor. We are available on an ongoing basis to provide retirement and financial planning support, ensuring that each individual is equipped with the information to utilize the retirement benefit effectively. And if your organization is interested in elevating the level of financial planning and support offered to employees, Blue Water offers a broad range of additional services to choose from. Together, we can tailor a plan that aligns with your goals and needs, constructing a sustainable solution for today and tomorrow.

For more information about our nationwide retirement planning services for employers, please contact the Blue Water Capital Management team today.