Portfolio Management For Financial Advisors

Blue Water believes the most successful advisor-client relationship is built on trust and expertise.

Are you a financial advisor seeking a smarter, simpler way to expand your business and drive your clients' goals? Even the most skilled professionals can benefit from a collaborative relationship with a fellow expert in their field, which is precisely what our Portfolio Management services for financial advisors can offer you.

Blue Water Capital Management partners with financial advisors ready to maximize their success and streamline their efforts. You can leverage our extensive experience, diversity of investment strategies, and time to gain the freedom to go beyond what was possible when you were working alone.

How Portfolio Management Can Benefit Your Business Goals

Financial advisors who work with Blue Water get to experience more time focusing on their client relationships while leaving the investment management and back-office operations to us.

Financial advisory firms are increasingly finding that by using third-party asset management expertise, they can streamline their product offerings to be more efficient while still providing the valuable services their clients require. Outsourcing allows financial advisors the ability to leverage the breadth of investment strategies offered by the third-party asset management firm, as well as the enhanced due diligence and monitoring compliance under which the investment managers operate. The clients benefit from this partnership, as they can trust that the third-party managers reflect the same or higher standards of service that they have come to rely on with their financial advisor.

Many advisers also seek third-party portfolio management to gain access to alternative investments or smart beta investments. They also seek expertise in emerging or frontier markets and environmental, social, and governance investments, also known as ESG. Others want to remove compliance burdens or free up time for business development.

Third-party asset management also provides:

  • Portfolio guidance based on sound, proven investment philosophy
  • Complete portfolio structures designed for a wide variety of client needs
  • Custom portfolio management for clients with unique needs and financial goals, including high-net-worth investors


With 15+ portfolios based on income, total return, tax awareness, and active or passive management, there is a solution that fits your clients’ needs.

Financial advisory firms are entrusting up to 57% of client assets to third-party managers, an increase of over half from four years ago. A recent study shows that outsourcing provides numerous benefits, as confirmed by financial advisors:

  • Increased growth in managed assets
  • Higher personal income
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increase in the number of new clients
  • Improved client retention
  • Higher number of client referrals
  • Increased client engagement
  • Decreased back-office investment
  • Greater flexibility
  • Increased credibility

Increased Growth and Lower Costs

On average, advisors experience growth in total assets, increased personal income, and improved operating costs when working with a third-party asset manager. Not only did the financial advisors achieve growth and lower costs overall, but the impact grew with the number of assets outsourced.

In-house portfolio management comes at the cost of time and operational investment like back-office operations and technology. Additionally, a study by SEI Advisor Network found that financial advisors who outsourced asset management increased their assets under management (AUM) by an average of $4.5 million, and added 14 new clients annually.

Improved Relationships and Client Engagement 

With the recovered time from outsourcing portfolio management, advisors can focus more on client relationships. They have more time to personalize their services to meet the diverse needs of their client base, ensuring that their overall financial services requirements are being met. The better the trust relationship, the more engaged clients are in planning their financial future. Clients who are actively engaged in their financial planning have a greater level of satisfaction with their advisors.

Increased Credibility and Flexibility

For smaller or newly established firms, outsourcing may help to enhance your credibility. By working with a third-party manager, you maintain objectivity, avoiding any potential conflicts of interest from creating financial plans, and making the investments. Focusing on financial planning and outsourcing portfolio management services also provides the flexibility to scale your business, making it more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell.


Advisors can utilize Blue Water’s platform to implement many different types of strategies and account structures.


Blue Water can assist you in the design and management of qualified retirement plans. We’re more than just a portfolio manager.

Our certified portfolio and retirement plan advisors partner with you to understand your client’s goals for retirement. We then work together to identify your client’s goals and build a strategy that outlines the steps they can take to achieve them. Whether your client is just starting out in a new business and wants to build a suitable retirement plan, or are an established company that needs to improve upon its current plan, hiring a third-party asset manager like Blue Water can help manage your client’s existing 401(k) plan and help you educate their plan participants.

When you work with our Blue Water retirement advisors, we'll take a measured approach to ensure that you are prepared for your client's desired lifestyle and whatever surprises come your way. Your advisor will:

  • Identify any gaps in your client's current retirement savings plan
  • Advise you on the options to maximize retirement savings and minimize tax implications
  • Recommend an asset allocation that optimizes your expected returns while conforming to your risk tolerance 

Your Blue Water retirement advisor is here to help you specify your client's retirement goals. Your plan will be based on your desired timeline, risk tolerance, and lifestyle. Together, we'll discuss any potential obstacles to achieving your client's goals and how to overcome them. Every step of the way, your advisor will be here to help you review your client's goals and progress to ensure that you are staying on track as the years progress.

Blue Water Capital Management: Services Created for Financial Advisors, By Advisors

As a financial advisor yourself, you're well-aware of what it takes to provide exceptional service. And when you're seeking portfolio management and related services, you need a team you can trust to deliver the same quality service you would expect from yourself - especially when your clients are involved. Don't turn to the first name that comes up when you search for "financial advisor near me" - make sure you're joining forces with an organization with a reputation for success.

Blue Water Capital Management has been a trusted leader in the field for 15 years and counting, serving a diverse range of Syracuse businesses and individuals with financial management services tailored to suit their needs. We are an SEC Registered Investment Advisor team committed to meeting the highest standards of excellence in everything that we do. So, when it comes to selecting a trusted partner for portfolio management, you can be confident that your clients are in the very best of hands.

Blue Water Capital Management is dedicated to operating with integrity and expertise. We look forward to helping you reach new heights as a financial advisor; learning how our collaboration can support your goals is as simple as a quick, 30-minute consultation call. Contact our team to schedule your free consultation today.