Blue Water Capital Management has been providing Syracuse, NY, businesses and individuals with sound financial advice and management since 2007. Our team is made up of knowledgeable and experienced financial professionals. We encourage you to learn a little more about Blue Water Capital Management to see why we are the right choice to be your financial advisor.

Blue Water Capital Management – A Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor

We are an SEC Registered Investment Advisor dedicated to helping individuals and businesses with asset management, retirement planning, and wealth management. We are committed to empowering you to achieve your financial goals.

  • Personalized attention and recommendations
  • Easy access via Zoom, email, phone, or in-person
  • Vigorous market monitoring to protect your best interests even in the event of the unexpected
  • Regular updates and meetings to ensure your goals and expectations are heard

Our mission is to create clear definitions of success for our clients and detailed plans to help make those goals a reality. We believe that every one of our clients, big or small, deserves the personal attention, focus, and careful planning necessary to help achieve their goals. Our commitment to our clients has helped us to build a strong portfolio of satisfied clients.

Not All Advisors Are the Same

Blue Water Capital Management is a fee-only advisor. This means our revenue comes solely from the fees we charge clients rather than commissions for selling certain financial products (many advisors have a fully or partially commission-based model). In other words, your financial success and satisfaction are our only priorities. We only make recommendations in your best interest because our success is based solely on your success.

Our Values

We are able to offer superior results to our clients thanks to our value-based approach to financial services. Our team is guided by a commitment to our clients. All our work is based on the core values of service and integrity.


Blue Water Capital Management exists to help our clients achieve financial success. We are here to serve your needs. Whether you are an individual, family, or representative of a business, you can expect hard work and dedication from every member of our team. We bring thoughtfulness, compassion, and creativity to every account.


Our team also places a high priority on transparency and honesty. Your money is important, and you deserve advice from a financial advisor that will manage your money with integrity. We are a fee-only advisor, meaning that you can be confident that your success is our only priority. When we make a decision or suggestion for your money, we make sure to be clear and open about both our thinking and our expectations.

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Working with Blue Water Capital Management is the right choice to help you achieve lasting financial success. We look forward to providing you with advice and guidance to reach your goals. You can get started with an initial meeting to explore how we can help you. Contact us today to book a free 30-minute consultation and take your first step toward a brighter financial future.