Tech Stocks Reach New Heights

by Tom Brown on
Despite being in a global pandemic, Nasdaq and tech stocks have boomed. The global economy has been shuttered by the coronavirus throughout the past year, but key tech stocks have led a stock market recovery.

Gift Tax Limits

by Tom Brown on
The Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, defines a tax exemption limit for items given as gifts. If you’re planning to give a large gift to a friend, family member, coworker, or organization, it’s essential to understand how that gift will be taxed. Navigate this crucial tax question and continue to hit your financial goals with the help of Blue Water Capital Management in the Syracuse, NY, area. Keep on giving confidently and prepare your estate with peace of mind by working with our leading team of advisors.
There are elements of the new stimulus package that many investors find intriguing. Money has been added to the Paycheck Protection Program, which will offer forgivable loans for challenged businesses retaining employees throughout the pandemic. The new PPP is providing an additional $284 billion in forgivable, federally backed loans. This is likely to indirectly support the markets because it provides funds to keep businesses open and keep people employed. 

Should You Invest in the Cannabis Industry?

by Caroline Miller, Tom Brown on
The cannabis industry has grown steadily over the years, and has recently been accompanied by a raise in stock prices as well. Preceding the recent election, marijuana stock prices quickly rose with the anticipation of more states choosing to legalize cannabis use. However, it is not too late for investors to add cannabis positions to their portfolios if they are in the right financial position.

How to Be a Socially Conscious Investor

by Caroline Miller, Tom Brown on
Did you know that there are different strategies you can use to invest in ethically sound companies that you believe in? As we turn our attention to the greater good, your investments can actually be used for companies that prioritize and fund environmental policies, sustainability and even diversity in the workforce.
In the months leading up to another historic presidential election in the United States, most investors had polarizing views about how the economy and stock markets would react depending on who was in the oval office. One side viewed another four years of Trump as the only way the economy could continue to grow and the stock markets continue to go up. On the other hand many people believed that without Joe Biden in the White House, the economy was going to experience a period of catastrophic policy changes sending America’s international standing and economy into the toilet. Only time will tell which side was right but here are some historical facts to better understand what the outcome to your investments might be.

Green Shoots in the Bond Market

by Mike Wedekind, Investment Analyst, Envestnet PMC on
In September, scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced that in 2018, Earth’s atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) averaged 407.4 parts per million (ppm). According to NOAA, this represented the highest concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere for at least the last...

Social Security Facts for 2019

by Tom Brown on
As of December 2018, more than 43.7 million retired Americans collected Social Security, with more than 8 million disabled workers collecting benefits as well. But Social Security is much more than...

The Unending Brexit Drama

by Dan Horman, CFA, Research Analyst, Envestnet PMC on
Has any political referendum led to more consternation and hand wringing than Brexit? Nearly three and a half years after the United Kingdom voted to usher in a new epoch in European history, we still do not have a clear...

October Monthly Recap

by Nathan Behan, SVP Investment Analyst, Envestnet PMC on
The domestic equity markets returned to a more risk-on posture from the more defensive tone of the previous month. Interest rates were cut for a third consecutive time, planned tariffs on Chinese goods were postponed, and Brexit was...