Keeping it 100

by Eric Halverson, AVP, Investment Analyst, Envestnet PMC on
Stop for a moment and imagine the year is 2100, the world has been fossil-fuel free for two decades, flying cars are at the cusp of attaining commercial viability, and Wall-E 1.0 has just been released. And now remember your government still has...

Video: How to Pay Off Your Debt

by Tom Brown on
Debt can be a useful tool in your financial planning toolbox. Debt allows you to purchase homes, cars and education while spreading the payments out over many years. It is very important to utilize your debt wisely or else you can find yourself in a difficult financial situation. Here are some helpful tips about how to pay off your debt.

Home of the Brave

by Cynthia Crandall, CAIA| VP, Senior Investment Analyst, Envestnet PMC on
On the morning of September 14, 1814, Francis Scott Key penned the first verse of The Star Spangled Banner on the back of a letter as he watched with pride as a group of US soldiers raised the American flag over Fort McHenry a day after...

How to Protect Your Identity

by Tom Brown on
More than 60 million Americans had their identities stolen in 2018, a significant increase from 2015, where more than 15 million consumers were affected. With identity theft numbers on the rise, it certainly doesn’t appear likely that...

Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst

by Janis Zvingelis, Director of Quantitative Research, Envestnet PMC on
The latest economic news may be causing an unsettling tinge of trepidation for investors, which is certainly understandable. The most ominous sign is the Treasury yield curve inversion. The figure below illustrates that prior to the most current yield curve inversion1, it has inverted...

Getting the most out of a 529 Savings Plan

by Tom Brown on
A college education, while a worthy achievement, does not come cheaply. Forbes has estimated that the price of a college education has increased 8 times faster than wages, making it a struggle for even upper middle-class families. When factoring in the cost of tuition along with...

Can Fed Stimulus Compensate for Trade War Damage?

by Sonila Gjata, Senior Portfolio Manager, Envestnet PMC on
The Treasury’s yield curve inversion headlines, and the bad omen it signals about the state of the economy, dominated the news cycle last week. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the yield on the benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury Note dropped below...

Why Do People Invest in Stocks?

by Tom Brown on

If you’re still unsure about investing in stocks or have questions on how buying stocks actually works, here are a few quick questions and answers about the entire process, from what exactly is a stock, to how do you buy stock.

What exactly are stocks?
While the term may be confusing, the actual...

July Monthly Recap

by Scott Keller, Portfolio Manager, Envestnet PMC on
Domestic equity markets posted another month of positive returns, reaching new all-time highs, as investors priced in the upcoming Federal Open Market Committee’s (FOMC) rate cut decision. On July 30 and 31, the FOMC met and decided to lower the target range for the federal funds rate to...

Shifting Winds at the Federal Reserve

by Mike Wedekind, Investment Analyst, Envestnet PMC on
A year ago, the Federal Reserve (the Fed) was well along its path to normalize short-term interest rates and shrink its massive balance sheet, reversing a decade of cheap money and...