A Democrat in Office Usually Means Growth for Your Portfolio

In the months leading up to another historic presidential election in the United States, most investors had polarizing views about how the economy and stock markets would react depending on who was in the oval office. One side viewed another four years of Trump as the only way the economy could continue to grow and the stock markets continue to go up. On the other hand many people believed that without Joe Biden in the White House, the economy was going to experience a period of catastrophic policy changes sending America’s international standing and economy into the toilet. Only time will tell which side was right but here are some historical facts to better understand what the outcome to your investments might be.
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The Key to Dividend-Paying Stocks

Investors traditionally have had an appetite for yield. Sitting back and collecting a quarterly payment from doing nothing more than making an initial investment is attractive, especially to retirees or those depending on a consistent stream of cash flow. Dividend investing not only offers a...
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